A lack of communication.

My phone was consumed by an epic monsoon that occurred this morning while I was on my way to my math class at UNC Charlotte.

Absolutely, positively consumed.

Upon returning to my vehicle, I looked down on the ground and to my dismay, I found my phone, drenched, lying helplessly next to my driver’s side backseat door.

“Epic fail.”

As I picked up my lonely, wet phone, I could see the flicker of hope jumping on and off the screen vehemently as my phone made its most valiant attempts to revive itself.

Unfortunately, its revival is still pending as I sit here at the kitchen table with the phone taken apart, splayed across the counter, trying to dry out.

It really shouldn’t be that big of a deal, should it? I mean, it’s just a phone; a merely unpersonal, material object that doesn’t mean as much to me as my bass guitar or my teddy bear.

Despite the fact that this occurrence should not be deemed as life-altering, I admit to feeling almost lost without the use of my cellular device.

What if someone calls?…or texts?! How will people get in contact with me? How will I know what time it is when there is no clock around? What if I have an emergency on the road and need to call someone? How in the world will I calculate tip on a check without my precious Tip Calculator under the Tools section of my phone’s Menu!?

Communication is vital, there’s simply no way around it. Tip calculation is pretty important, too, if you really think about it…

Even with the importance of contact and communication plaguing my mind, I find myself able to step back and realize that it’s almost as if my life was being controlled by such things. Honestly, it’s kind of nice not having to worry about my cell phone. I’m not constantly checking it and it isn’t interrupting me from things that I enjoy doing.

Naturally, it is evident and reasonable to have mixed feelings about this ridiculous happening that I am dealing with concerning my cell phone, but I’m kind of leaning toward being okay with it more than worrying too much.

Sometimes, it’s just nice to escape from the world and let your phone take a nice little soak in a puddle by your car.


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