This past Friday, Miss Sarah Bland asked me to go out to eat at a quaint little place called “Ibis” in Downtown Concord.

“Caribbean food” was all she needed to say to get my attention; I was intrigued.

I was excited about our rendezvous, because, well, she’s Sarah Bland. Duh. It’s only a natural feeling if you asked me. However, I was also elated to know that I was going somewhere new, different. I was stoked.

We got to Ibis and walked into a dreamy place (that sadly not everyone thinks is so dreamy…cough*Bree and Eric*cough); Kenny G serenaded us through the speakers while a mural of a beach scene was displayed in the background. How glorious!

One of my favorite parts of the trip was the owner of the restaurant. I swear to you he smells like Jamaica. Now, I have never ventured out to Jamaica, I will admit, but if I had to hypothesize the aroma of the island, this man was it.

He brought us fresh fruit tea in classy glasses, infused with apple and pineapple; wonderfully refreshing to say the least. He proceeded to bring us fresh warm bread with hot sauce and soon enough our meals of organic herb roasted chicken with rice, greens, and plantains.

Not only was the food delectable, but it was also healthy. I felt good about eating it, and the prices were so cheap that Sarah and I both tipped 100%!

Sadly, despite all of this wondrous news of Ibis, they are only able to stay opened one day a week due to the struggling economy and lack of consistent customers.

This, essentially, is my plea to you, the reader: GO EAT AT IBIS ON FRIDAYS. I can promise you that you will not be disappointed so long as you enjoy a laid back atmosphere, good eats, and great company. I have zero complaints about this restaurant and would strongly recommend it to anyone in the area code of 704.


4 thoughts on “Ibis.

    • I think Sarah and I are going to start going basically every Friday so we can keep them in business with our 100% tips….hahaha You and Maud need to come out, too! We’re trying to get a lot of people to help them out. We were discussing fund raisers and t-shirts, not gonna lie. haha

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