A Cruise for the Books.

“Good Love Is On the Way” — John Mayer. “Miss Independent” — Ne-Yo. “No Hay Igual” — Nelly Furtado.

Ohh, the power of the “shuffle” option on my iPod.

Driving home tonight from drama practice for VBS proved to be optimum cruise time. Shuffle was being so good to me — granted, shuffle usually can magically read me like a book — and the sun was shining with the rays of light soaking into my skin. The breeze was light and elegant while the music blazed from my speakers.

There is something so glorious about cruising — it proves for such a wonderful time to think, to reflect, to breathe. Cruises can take place during the day or during the evening hours. Cruising is versatile, hence its mass appeal. Cruises can release all sorts of emotion, which for me is just crucial — it’s nice finding a way to detox sometimes.

Watching the sun begin to set while listening to Mae’s “Suspension” filled me with incomprehensible warmth.

It’s times like these when I realize how good life truly is. God is good. Life is good. Love is good. Everything is really just as good as one makes it.


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