lying on the beach listening to jack johnson, i slowly opened my eyes to a completely clear carolina blue sky. the sound of the waves gently crashing and the rays of sun penetrating my skin and warming me inside out was enough to make me fall asleep.

fortunately, there was a nice breeze to continually blow my towel over and cover me in sand.

honestly, i’m usually not the biggest fan of the beach. i think it’s dirty. i don’t like having sand all over me and the water is sometimes dark and murky and i don’t know where i’m going if i’m in it. however, sometimes i just get into the beach mood, like this past week.

i felt so ready to go on a vacation. i needed to get out of concord for more than one reason, and it has truly been a wonderful week here at topsail island.

needless to say, it’s been a good fifteen years in trekking out to the island. the people are sweetly southern, the beach isn’t too crowded or trashy, and the houses we have stayed in are pretty nice to say the least. it’s a really great family beach if you were to ask me. i highly recommend it to everyone.

today was the last day before the trip home in the morning. the day was gorgeous. sun shining, breeze blowing, waves waxing and waning with each ebb and flow.

everytime i’m at the beach, i just feel the dire need to think, to completely divulge into the depths of my mind and make my most valiant efforts in finding answers to questions that linger withing my being. there is just something so wonderful, so vast about the ocean that makes me want to learn more and discover a new level of being.

it’s just so calming here.

this week has been really great for me to clear my head. i had time to think about my relationships, my future, my present. everything i could possibly imagine, really. i actually kind of feel renewed.

i think the most beautiful thing to see is the ocean right after sunrise. the water looks like glass as the sunlight beams off of the reflective exterior of the sea. it’s almost like heaven just opens up right over the ocean.

it’s so humbling being here. i don’t know if other people feel that way, but i know that’s how i feel. i look out onto the beach, the sand, the ocean, the waves, the sky. it’s all endless. the vastness of it all is virtually incomprehensible for me. how is it that the God that created all of this glorious, massive greatness also created me? i look so  incredibly small against the ocean, the beach, the sky. it’s amazing.

vacation, for me, has the power to change my perspectives and renew my spirit and ultimately cleanse my soul. it feels so good getting away and adventuring around a new place. personally, i believe it’s necessary to lead a fulfilled life.

i think everyone needs vacation. beach vacation, mountain vacation, out-of-said-place-of-residence vacation.

boat 4


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