advice from my dad.

my dad has always told me that if i can’t get out of it, then i need to get into it.

i admit, i usually hate it when he says that because i usually am in a situation that i do not want to currently be in when he says it. quite the trifle.

my mom dragged my brother and i to ohio for a long weekend. we left yesterday afternoon and arrived at my grandparents’ house last night a little after dinner time. i know i really didn’t want to go on this trip, and my brother was kind of indifferent, but my mom was determined to go.

i pouted, i did. i complained a little and made some sarcastic remarks, only in hopes to ease the pain of returning to the state of which i used to live. i have never really liked coming back to ohio because oddly enough, i always seem to end up sick upon my arrival back home in north carolina. seriously, who  gets a sinus infection and double ear infection in the middle of july?!

last night i didn’t sleep well for some reason or another. quite the travesty, really, considering i knew what we would be doing on our first day in ohio: going to amish country.

now don’t get me wrong, i enjoy amish people and the things they bake and the skills they put to use. it’s impressive and respectable. however, i recalled my last amish country visit and remembered how terribly bored out of my mind i was. clearly my memory of the place failed to be one of fun and joy.

despite my last memory, i took my dad’s advice; “well, if i can’t get out of being in ohio and going to amish country, then i might as well enjoy it and not complain about things.”

good advice, dad.

i found myself enjoying my time in amish country today. it was beautiful, and the rain held out just long enough for until we got on the road to get back to my grandparents’ house.

maybe it’s because i’m older that i appreciated amish country more. i bought baking things. yep, that’s probably it. as i have gotten older and wiser, i have learned to find a love for baking and cooking, for i know that it is indeed truly the way to a man’s heart (ask my boyfriend). i enjoyed going to the bakeries and the markets. i love food, so why not love where food is purchased and made, too?

reflecting again to my father’s constant mantra, i thought of what my mom, brother and i would be doing for the rest of the time in ohio. tomorrow we get to go see my other grandparents in canton and eat at the best chinese food restaurant ever. that’s a plus. then we get to dine with my aunt in akron at my uncle’s restaurant. that’s a plus. we’re going to a baseball game in cleveland on saturday. that’s a plus (especially if cleveland can win…). sunday we come home, and that’s definitely a plus considering my first inkling of this trip was to not come at all.

i’m out to make the most of this trip. hopefully my dad would be proud that i’m actually taking his advice.


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