a break from reading, perhaps.

upon signing onto my wordpress account, a few things came to mind: (a) i feel like it’s been forever since i’ve been on here, (b) dang, it’s been over a month!, and (c) the last time i wrote anything was when i was still in concord. i have yet to write anything on wordpress while at school where i spend the vast majority of my time.

while perusing facebook, as any young college student does to distract oneself from studying, i was noticing old friends that have remained in concord. i feel myself kind of in a sense slowly slipping away from them. these people i used to spend time with and talk to so frequently are now people i rarely see and even talk to for that matter.

it kind of makes me sad. it’s not like i’m trying to cut ties or anything; things just get busy at school.

i really should be reading about love and courtship for my sociology class right now instead of doing this, but that’s a decision i’ll have to deal with later when i’m up at midnight still reading.

sometimes i wonder if they forget about me. not that i forget about them, but i just think it’s interesting. it’s like those old friends reshape the bonds that they have with those other people in concord and simply continue living.

that’s what people should do, right? life goes on.

i’ve gotta admit, i’ve got great friends at school. i absolutely adore them. but even with my friends at school, i feel like there are a lot of times where i don’t even really get to spend any time with them, either. we’re all just too busy studying and reading and being consumed by academia!


i love my friends, and this distance thing i’m noticing with some of them is just a little odd for me. however, i do indeed realize that people grow and change, especially when college time (or any other big important time) comes, so that can cause a kind of natural shift in friendship. really, it makes sense.

ultimately, i just find this concept to be interesting; you may think what you will. hopefully i’ll get around to writing better and more thought-provoking things soon.


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