may i have a cheerwine float, please?

best friends are great, aren’t they?

it feels good coming home and knowing i’ll see some of my best friends that don’t go to school in state anymore. allie got back today and we went to the quiet abode of “cat woman” and watched anchorman after picking up some goods from cookout. it really doesn’t get any better.

while driving and listening to shuffle, we were able to talk about life, love, things of that nature that always seem to intrigue ladies.

“it’s okay to not be totally over him yet — i know it’s been over two months, but you can’t fake being over him to yourself.”

“boys are stupid — why are they so selfish sometimes?!”

“i wanna be guarded, but i suck at being guarded. i just want to not be vulnerable around him anymore.”

“it’s so hard when you want to trust it, but you know you shouldn’t.”

“i just don’t know what to believe, what to do.”

i hate that she’s leaving friday.

i wish i knew what to make of everything going on right now in my life; my emotions are going haywire. memories keep flooding my mind and there is nothing i can do to stop them or get rid of them. i honestly don’t want them to be gone. i just wish i knew what was going on in my head, why it’s going on. it’s annoying not knowing and i hate not knowing, but the one thing i do know is that none of it is in my hands.

sometimes it’s hard trusting God when you want to trust in man.


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