a great episode of what not to wear.

while doing my spanish homework, i caught a great episode of ‘what not to wear’, one of my favorite shows.

stacy and clinton and their cohorts work sheer magic, people.

as i was watching, it made me think about things i’m really thankful for..aside from a fairly decent fashion sense and clothes that i am able to afford and wear on a daily basis.

i’m a very lucky person. i’m a very blessed person.

i have so so so many absolutely wonderful friends that i have on call to talk to about anything and everything whenever, wherever. my family is awesome. i am able to go to school at the school of my choice (go to hell duke!). my support system is stronger that i could have ever imagined.

God continues to prove faithful.

1 corinthians 15:57 — “but thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ!”

this is a pretty short little post. but i don’t think that there are any other words necessary to express my gratitude for how blessed my life is. thank God and all of my family and friends for making my life what it is, for without you all, my life would be rather bland and pointless.


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