college dropout.

thinking about academic assignments has been far from my mind this past week.

i am fighting a bit of a cold, and fortunately am feeling much better today that previous days this week. however, due to my ailment, my productivity was greatly decreased.

while in my state of sneezing and blowing my nose and repeating, i had a lot of time to just sit and think and relax. perhaps it was good for the soul.

i have started becoming more intrigued with things that have nothing to do with my present scholastic efforts. i’m reading new york times articles that have to do with social networking. i’m watching youtube videos to learn about present social issues. i’m consulting wikipedia for random factual interpretations of issues like the 1994 genocide in rwanda. i’m blogging about this instead of working on a paper or studying for a quiz i have tomorrow…

it’s crazy, i know. i don’t really want to drop out of college or anything, but rather i just want to stay in a learning institution forever and learn about everything i can about everything.

like i said, crazy.

it feels so good to take time and learn things on your own. i feel so stellar after i’ve looked something up and retained the bit of knowledgeable information, a priceless gem to place in the crown of my intelligence.

absorbing knowledge. such a fascinating concept. almost abstract, really. it’s something i hope to witness in my classroom on a regular basis when i start teaching. i want kids to want to learn. i want them to love to learn.

i suppose this is the part where i wrap up and go learn more about my spanish vocabulary for tomorrow’s quiz..


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