hey richard, wanna pick some snowberries?!

the timing is again upon us: exams.

where did the semester go? halfway done with sophomore year already — seriously though, how did that happen? i’m 20. i’m applying for the school of education. i’m getting wrinkles.

i’m growing up!

it still baffles me how fast time goes here in chapel hill. between studying and going to class and spending time with my friends and the occasional moments of sleep, i guess it makes sense that time flies to the extent that it does here.

i’ve been feeling strangely calm lately despite three more finals looming over me before break. it’s like i just have this sense of peace or something. maybe it’s that “christmas spirit” — i have been listening to a lot of christmas music recently.

honestly i think i’m ready for a change. i’m ready to get the ball rolling. i’m ready for something new.

i guess that’s kind of the premise for new year’s resolutions.

i wanna get out there and do different things, meet new people. i’d like to think i’ve already started since i’m part of the play ‘all i ever really need to know i learned in kindergarten’. i am beyond excited to say the least! i’d really like to meet a guy if that’s in the plans for me, though i fully know it certainly isn’t a necessity.  i’m looking forward to what is in store for me come next semester, but i have to stay grounded and think about the here and now.

currently, the here and now consists of watching just friends and intermittently working on spanish studying.


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