finding [nemo/27] dresses.

well, amidst the vast attempts of ‘studying’, i made time to watch 27 dresses and finding nemo.

despite my first finals coming on monday, i realize that i am in a very exciting time in my life right now, even as i type.

things are changing. that’s a given. things will always change; that is the only constant that can be counted on, really. sometimes change for the good, sometimes change for the worst, but either way, i think i like change for the most part.

i know i’ve already stated this somewhere, but i am really looking forward to next semester. heck, i’m just looking forward to tomorrow. i’m excited about living, learning new things, becoming a better person than yesterday.

i have a lot of aspirations, goals, dreams, plans. there’s so much i want to do, but i have to question whether or not i’ll get to do all of it. i want to stop having this petty cold. i want to KILL my finals. i want to finish my school of education application by christmas. i want to do another play next semester. i want to invest in a new guitar. i want to graduate. i want to find a job. i want to find a potential husband. i want to have a family. i want to be happy and love everything there is to what i’m doing with my life.

i need to stop thinking so far ahead. i know it’s a problem. i really do have to live in the here and now, the present. it’s so hard for me not to think about what’s to come next though. it’s like i keep thinking and thinking and i just can’t stop. it’s kind of annoying sometimes to be honest, but it’s like my brain is constantly thinking about something all the time.


i wonder sometimes how much time there is left. i know it’s just absolutely preposterous, but it crosses my mind sometimes. how much time before certain things happen, like finding the right guy for me. i feel like i’m constantly harping on that, but i can’t help it that it’s on the forefront of my mind.

i blame the media.

it’s not easy like movies make it out to be. i mean, that’s so obvious. the movies don’t tell you that fifty percent of americans that get married end up in a divorce.

this is becoming one of those ranting posts. (sigh) oh well. they happen.

basically where i am right now is that i feel like i question myself a lot. not in a bad way necessarily, but i just do sometimes. i am in constant motion, constant change, and constant submission to what life throws at me.

i got dreams, dreams to remember/i got dreams, dreams to remember/oh i got dreams, i got dreams, to remember, to remember/oh gravity, oh gravity…//

oh, gravity.


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