snowflakes of pencil lead.

the monotony of filling in the small circles on the bubble answer sheet was getting to me.

a. c. d. b. b. e. a.

each circular pencil motion left bits of lead residue on my paper and my hand. it was my final final. the last day. i had waited a week to finish this.

the seventy true or false and multiple choice questions were daunting. my mind yearned to be free from the bondage of scholastically draining academia. reading the article, i felt my eyes tracing the letters more slowly with each word.

my focus was rapidly decreasing at a rather expedient pace. i just wanted out.

using my best judgment, i made sure to go back through the test to double check my answers and bubbling on the sheet. it was tedious and my mind was cursing me for it in the present state, but surely it would be worth it in the end.

i had finally finished it. praise God! looking around, i had realized there were only about twenty-five or thirty people left in the room of the class of one hundred.

collecting my things, i looked out the window to see grey clouds blanket the sky.

double checking for the last time before i turned it in, i placed the scantron in the pile of the other standardized test sheets in a systematic fashion as was expected of me. i exchanged a few kind words with my professor until i was side-tracked by something from the corner of my eye.


frozen little pieces of joy falling from the sky in a swirl of milky white flurries.

upon finishing my conversation with professor hastings, she sent me off with a pat on the back and warm wishes for my break, and i could feel the childlike excitement well up within me from the mere sight of snow. exiting the building, i felt a bounce in my step — an inexplicable happiness that overcame me and warmed me inside out, making the snow melt as it kissed my face so gently.

the snow fell a bit harder as i began to pick up my pace. dad was waiting for me to take me home for break and i was more than ready to relax and not have to worry about schoolwork. baby bits of snow stuck in my hair, my coat, my eyelashes. i took a deep breath — the air entered my lungs slowly and coolly, making my chest expand and shrink in time with my quick breaths.

i met my dad and got my things together whilst the snow fell, and we drove back through the storm of wintery mixed precipitation to get back home for the holidays.

praise God for safe travels and that little bit of snow to welcome me to my long awaited, much anticipated christmas break.


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