there are casting calls for one of my favorite shows, glee.

fox will be taking videos beginning in march, so i can do my casting call via webcam in the comfort of my home sweet home of chapel hill, north carolina.

awesome, right?

i’ve been in love with musical theatre since i was five. literally, i was five. i saw the phantom of the opera in toronto with my aunt and grandparents and truly fell head over heels in love with all things musically theatrical and theatrically musical.

i saw the pilot of glee over the summer and was blown away by its sheer originality. i had never seen a show like that on television before, and it incorporated the infamous triple threat of singing, dancing, and of course, acting.

singing, dancing, and acting. three of my all-time favorite things. this show was for me.

i didn’t miss an episode last semester, and if i did, i watched it online the next day. everything about the show fascinated me and i am really looking forward to next for more reasons than one.

now i’m sitting here thinking, curious about this video casting call fox is doing for the show. the network is looking to fill three spots on the show…three. the details beyond that, i do not know. regardless, i think it could be a whole lot of fun at least putting myself out there. what do i have to lose?

absolutely nothing.

so, what did i do today aside from my physics home experiment and dance marathon errands? well ladies and gentlemen, i made another youtube video for my channel due to my intense inspiration from the glee casting videos for next month…gotta get some practice in before i present myself to a national television network i do suppose.



One thought on “glee-ful.

  1. I love this soo much. Al pal, you are so talented and my hope is that someday the world will see that. Fingers crossed and hand intertwined that you get a spot on Glee! I love you, twin!!

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