february, won’t you be my valentine?

why hello, february. your chilling start to the shortest month of the year has been quite refreshing to say the least.

honestly, i’m usually not a huge february fanatic. it just kind of has always been one of those months that i don’t really notice and in which not too much happens — like a filler month, perhaps. it merely has always bridged the gap from january to march (where my favorite kind of madness starts).

maybe it’s valentine’s day. maybe i have a personal vendetta of sorts.

it’s too early to be talking about valentine’s day (despite the fact that i used it in my post’s title)..i’ll certainly save my cynacism for two weeks though, don’t you worry.

the shortest month of the year. maybe that’s the real reason why i never seem to notice february. there just aren’t that many days. maybe the time goes by faster because of this.

i think this february will speed by, but not like every other february prior. this february, i have so many wonderful things to do with my time. between dance marathon and the production of  ‘all i really need to know i learned in kindergarten’, i will hopefully be able to find time to do my volunteering for kidzu, as well as other community service organizations for the public scholars program. oh yeah, and i forgot that i’ll have homework during this time period, too…hmm, that seems to put a kink in things, doesn’t it?

i like being busy, especially right now in my life. i’m learning and making sure to take all sorts of opportunities that i can get my hands on in order for me to grow as a person.

now i don’t know for sure, but with all that i have on my plate right now, i’m thinking february has the potential to be a flash before my eyes. despite this fact, i plan on reveling in every moment that the shortest month of the year has to offer me.


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