personalization with jeff.

personalization. it makes the character.

jeff cornell came into rehearsal last night to work on personalization. it was wonderful. i know that i can honestly say i learned so much in the couple hours that he was with us — basically, vulnerability, humanism, and perspective ultimately create your character.

vulnerability is something that i try my hardest to bring to virtually all aspects of my life, both on and off stage. i think it is so imperative to let the audience know who you are in your character — opening up to the audience and breaking that fourth wall is so crucial in character development!

when it’s personal, it’s fascinating.”


isn’t that true, though? when you take a character and make him or her real to you, then that character is real to the audience. this concept of humanism within the character will bring you all the energy you need to make the character. exploration here is key — there will forever be infinite research to be done on your character. changing perspective, bringing everything to the table — this is what makes your stage presence as an actor believable, what makes it real.

like i said, i’ve learned a lot through this whole experience, and last night seemed to be a kind of culmination of everything i’ve learned. i’m learning about people (especially the cast) — who they are, what they like (and don’t like for that matter), how the feel — it is absolutely incredible.


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