something i should have mentioned long ago.

so i suppose i didn’t post anything about this earlier because i had been so busy, but i have got to say that i have the greatest friends in the world.

why do i of all people have the greatest friends in the world, you ask?

as stated in a few previous posts, i stage managed a show called ‘all i really need to know i learned in kindergarten’. the show ran for six nights, and i had friends and family at every single night of the show, even though i wasn’t even in it. my friends and family support me so much to come to a production i only managed, something i wasn’t even in — they wanted to see it because i had touched it, worked with it, helped make it possible.

i had a rough week or two right before break with lots of midterms, papers, and shows (from above) — i was such a mess! my friends made sure i stayed sane with group study dates with pizza and chocolate crunch lava cake included. perpetual encouraging texts made the days a little easier and go by a bit faster.

i’ve always known my friends rocked, but this was just sweet validation of that. i am so incredibly blessed to have them..who would i text about cute boys i saw in florida? who would see john mayer in concert with me on a school night? who would send me hilarious youtube videos to make me laugh? who would text me inside jokes to put a smile on my face? who would put up with my constant exhaustion and complaining about the madness of life? who would spend hours of time helping me understand physics?

summary: my friends are baller.


One thought on “something i should have mentioned long ago.

  1. I plan to paint up and scream ridiculously loud when I go see “Into The Woods”.

    I’m all about eating pizza at midnight when its needed.

    I’m all ears for cute boys in Florida…and perhaps convincing them to come up here.

    I’m stoked about seeing John Mayer.

    Twin ❤

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