dear ms. stewart:

it is a pleasure to inform you that you have been recommended for admission to the elementary education program in the school of education. …we are delighted to have you as a member of the school of education and look forward to working with you.


today has certainly been a win day. i’ve been feeling pretty bold — not only did i get five inches cut off of my hair, but i also tried something new at starbucks and am thinking about messaging a boy about getting dinner. who the heck am i?!

i like being bold. i don’t think it’s right to say that it’s out of my character, but sometimes taking that extra step in boldness is just refreshing.

holding the letter of acceptance (or ‘recommendation’ — whatever, i’m in), i could feel relief overcome me. it’s happening — my future is becoming a reality and it is happening now, no slowing down.

it’s kind of scary in a way i suppose. i’m halfway done with college almost, with two full years left at unc — those two years will be spent pretty much taking education classes and being in an elementary school setting. needless to say i really can’t complain about that, considering it’s what i am passionate about, but it’s so crazy seeing thing come into fruition like they are now.

actually, it’s really awesome, and i am looking forward to seeing what happens next.


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