writer’s block.

don’t you just hate writer’s block?

like when you’re writing a paper on a novel called el zarco the blue-eyed bandit and the paper is supposed to be five pages and you can only crank out four.

or when you’re filling out an application to be on the overall committee for dance marathon and have no idea how to answer the last question you have left on the sheet.

or when you are trying to write a sonnet and the only thing you can think to write of at first is pirates. fail.

or when you’re wanting to write a terribly profound blog posting about some problem that everyone can relate to but you just don’t have the inspiration.

frustrating, isn’t it?


3 thoughts on “writer’s block.

    • funny thing is, i actually DID write a sonnet about pirates. isn’t that ridiculous?! however, i turned in a different sonnet for my intro to writing poetry class. haha

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