into the woods and out of the wooooooods…

and happy ever after!

i don’t know why but i’m apparently on this kick of making my title part of the first sentence of my post.

i am in a production of into the woods here at school through unc pauper players, and despite my small role, i am absolutely loving every single minute of it! yes, rehearsals are long and sometimes will drive a person insane, but i swear, the people involved make every crazy second worth it.

i’ve certainly noticed this many times, but people involved with theatre (at least the people that i have come in contact with, especially here at carolina) are such loving people. everyone loves everyone, even if you don’t know each other that well. everyone welcomes you into this realm of theatrics that is just warm and happy and wonderful!

last week, the assistant producer olivia and i were talking in the pit about some things and we were both bummed that i had to miss cast party numero uno. she definitely eased any sadness in my mind when she told me that it would be okay because there will be lots more in the future, especially since i’m not part of the pauper family.

family. these people are family.

every night at rehearsal someone tells me that he or she loves me. every night i get hugs galore, which i think is just fabulous and am always willing to give hugs back. every night i just feel like i’m part of this show, part of this unit of people putting on this show — it’s such a cool feeling!

the cast for the show is phenomenal by the way.

everyone is so incredibly talented and each have gifts of which others only dream! i truly feel honored to be part of this cast.

i’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about some things in my life and one of these things i was pondering was my spare time and how i use it. this semester i’ve spent spare time on two different productions in two different roles and i’ve enjoyed it more than words can tell! there’s just this passion i guess it is — a passion for entertainment and being on a stage — that drives me to keep doing it. i really think i want to do more of this next year since i’m adoring it so much right now.

it feels good finding your niche in things outside of the real world of school and work. 🙂


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