if allergies get in the way of my finals, someone will pay.

so i realize that it’s a little late and i should probably go to bed now (since rest is a crucial component to getting better from all ailment, leading to a feeling of revitalization!), but i just need to jot some thoughts down.

naturally i find the compulsion to do this at 1:41am.

it’s almost that time of the year, folks! what time of the year, you ask? well it’s almost time for me to write my sophomore year dissertation! another year, another reflection, another piece of writing for you all to read! warning: i think this one may be at least ten pages like the last, if not more. you have been warned.

i really like writing about the experiences i had throughout the course of the school year. there is just so much to learn from it all, it’s incredible. i wish i could tell you all how excited i am about writing this!


i made a bucket list tonight. a real list of things i plan on doing/accomplishing before i die. i had always had things in my head of what i wanted to do, but tonight whilst studying for physics, i made one. it’s pretty fun, actually — i can’t wait to feel the liberation of completing one of those tasks!

my allergies have been driving me insane the last few days. i feel like i sound like a man when i talk. ugh. why isn’t my knockoff zyrtec doing its job!? well, maybe it is considering it’s a knockoff..

tomorrow is the last day of classes for the school year and it’s absolutely ridiculous to think that i’m already halfway done with college.

more on that topic in the sophomore year dissertation you all should read when it is published!

(apologies for the jumbled nature of this post. it’s just my train of thought right now, which usually isn’t so dissheveled.)

i’ve been listening to a lot of jack johnson, coldplay, and phoenix as of late. i think you should, too.


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