watch out, morris grove elementary!

…miss stewart is on her way to you in the fall!

i had elementary education orientation earlier this week and i am just on this elementary education train of excitement right now! one of the professors involved with the program was telling us that we [the all-female peabody school of education class of 2012] need to start looking in the mirror everyday and say to ourselves that we are teachers until we actually believe it..and to start getting our friends to call us ms. intsert-last-name-here so we’re all used to it by the time we’re put in a classroom.


i have nine credit hours of education classes on my plate for this upcoming fall 2010 semester and i couldn’t be more thrilled about them! my next semester will be focusing on the school atmosphere — how to write a lesson plan, how to set up my classroom, as well as other procedures and things of the like. it is going to be such an awesome learning experience! i’ve been assigned to morris grove elementary here in chapel hill and i’ll be there every tuesday morning learning more about the classroom and the students and teachers in it.

heck, i’ll be teaching my first lesson at morris grove!

now that’s something i’m a tad nervous about..but i know God’s got me covered and He’ll have me ready to teach when i need to be ready.

i think what i’m most excited about is forming relationships with these children and their families and the other teachers at morris grove…now i can only hope and pray that they like me as much as i know i’ll love them!


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