this sophomore debrief is taking me longer to write than i had originally planned. i’m kind of having a hard time compiling everything in an appropriate manner. the worst part of it all is that i don’t even have writer’s block, it’s more of like “i know what i want to write but i don’t know how i want to convey my words” type of issue. frustrating.

dirty confession: i still have to organize my room from all of the stuff that’s in here from when i got home on may 5. it’s been ten days, it needs to happen, people. i plan on conquering that today, probably after i write this. my parents went to lowe’s and my brother is sleeping, so all is quiet on the western front (if you catch the reference i made there then you are someone i respect greatly — if not, that’s okay too). i feel like i’m more productive sometimes when no one else is around. it’s kind of like studying alone versus studying with a group. maybe that was a bad example, but i don’t really think it was too terrible. i like getting things done on my pace, and honestly being home alone in a sense right now is kind of nice and i think i’ll get lots done (heck i already made my lunch, did the dishes, took out the trash/recycling, brought my laundry up…it’s a good day, folks).

this summer thing is starting to get kind of old. i just want my friends to come back to me (dorothy lands from london tonight! YAY!) so we can hang out for a while. it’s been kind of lonely the last ten days since most of my friends aren’t from concord anymore. it’s been good talking to them frequently though, so i won’t complain too much more.

i’ve been doing lots of sporadic reading as of late — i’ll be reading my bible and then something i’m reading in there will make me think of a book and i’ll go read that book and vice versa. “confessions” by augustine has been a particular favorite for bedside reading — i highly suggest it.

note to all: i’m still looking for people to go with me to the john mayer concert in charlotte on july 16. holla at a sista if you want to get in on lawn seat tickets with me.

last night whilst watching “the little mermaid” i came across a couple old folders of mine labeled CONFIDENTIAL — this means you know whatever is in there is gonna be good — and i found some songs and stuff i wrote anywhere from six to eight years ago. SIX TO EIGHT YEARS. so bizarre! it was kind of funny looking back at my horrendous lyricism, but it was still nice to know that i had a passion for writing at an early age. it’s always fun to stumble across things of that nature.

i’ve been doing some thinking on what i want to do this summer. i mean i know i’m taking summer school at uncc (i start that next monday the 24th) and i know i’m going to honduras for my mission trip, but i want to do some other little things, like go to chapel hill for a day and just chill. i’ve always been a fan for the little things.

well, i think that this random post has been sufficient. now to make my room have sufficiently less stuff everywhere…


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