pinstripe suits and polka dot umbrellas.

i had a job interview today. my first ever job interview.

honestly, i didn’t feel an ounce of nervousness until i pulled into the mall parking lot and i had to start using my windshield wipers.

seriously…’s RAINING?!

my thought process exactly.

whipping into a parking space, i prayed that the rain would let up so i didn’t get completely drenched before my interview. unfortunately and to my dismay, the opposite occurred.

i knew i had to act fast.

purse zipped and polka dot umbrella ready, i opened the door and made my most valiant efforts to protect myself from the intensifying precipitation.

this was somewhat of a fail at first, but i recovered quickly.

i raced into the shelter of entry six of concord mills with wet pant legs..

i hate wet pant legs.

seriously, it may be one of my least favorite things in the world. this is slightly hyperbolic, but you get what i’m saying here.

a tad flustered, i called my aunt to get a good pep talk in — well, the pep talk was just to people watch until my interview time.

i walked into ann taylor factory with unfeigned swagger, perused the store (everything is currently 40% off for those ann taylor buyers out there) and was called for my interview with stephanie, the manager.

earlier this year, i was told by a friend to never be afraid to admit that you nailed something.

yall, i nailed this interview, and i didn’t even need to do much.

apparently i got a rave review from one of the current employees (who works at my high school alma mater) and basically the interview ended up being more of a “when can you start?” q&a time. needless to say i’m not complaining one bit about this lovely little predicament.

so basically i got the job — sales associate at ann taylor.

stephanie wants to try to put me on the schedule for this weekend, which is pretty big — not only is it race weekend, but it’s also a holiday weekend, so i can’t imagine how crazy things will get!

if you couldn’t tell, i’m pretty excited about working. is that strange? this will be my first legitimate job that will require me to pay taxes (i guess babysitting couldn’t last forever..) and i am looking forward to it. heck, it’s one of the highest paying stores in the mall, why wouldn’t i be stoked? this will be paying for gas in my car at school and even for spain next summer.

GOD is good.

ann taylor factory store in concord mills, you are now mine.


One thought on “pinstripe suits and polka dot umbrellas.

  1. In my defense, you were not in need of a pep talk! Your only concerns were A) wet pant legs (no immediate solution), and B) nerves (people watching works!). Anyway, congrats 🙂

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