working nine to five.

well, here’s me playing catch up since i have been absolutely terrible and not posting lately. this one is for you, bek!

so about this whole job thing — i’m loving it. i’ve been working since memorial day weekend, and some days have been longer than others, but on the whole i really don’t mind it.

i really like working retail, not gonna lie. there is seriously something so soothing about folding clothes, i swear.

my favorite part of it all i think is helping women choose outfits that they like and can feel good in — it’s all those years of watching what not to wear is starting to really pay off. thanks, stacy and clinton.

i guess i just like helping people and being organized. i don’t mind sizing and picking up clearance (for the most part), especially when not many people are in the store. it’s just methodical. i can dig it.

between working and doing summer school (bio plus the lab is so time consuming), i’ve been so busy it seems, and most definitely so tired. i passed out the other night at like 10pm. 10pm, people! that’s usually when i decide i wanna start sitting at my computer and writing oodles of lovely things to you all.

meg’s wedding is saturday and i’m singing the national anthem at an intimidator’s game next week, so it’s pretty exciting times. did i mention that next week is my last week of summer class?! it’s so awesome not having to wake up to an alarm..definitely something i could get used to.

also, i’m extra excited about meg’s wedding in case there are cute groomsmen..meg and kel are on the lookout for me and i should be hearing from them tonight after the rehearsal dinner. haha yay!

well toy story 3 came out today and i’m going to see it with anna since she’s watching rhett and gavin while the whites are away. i think seeing toy story 3 with a couple of toddlers is a good reason to see the film, don’t you? after that maybe i’ll head to huntersville to a cornhole tournament at a candy shop some friends of the family opened a while back. still haven’t been there, so what better time to go than today!?

i got a really cute new dress from target for $15 the other day. it’s nice outside. i think i just may wear it. 🙂


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