introducing mr. & mrs. tyler wallace!

tyler and meghan’s wedding was tonight! everything was absolutely gorgeous and lovely and personal — the ceremony was so intimate even though there were a lot of people there and everything just seemed so meaningful. not to mention everyone looked beautiful! (sigh) i love weddings!

when meg threw her bouquet, i caught a flower..literally, a single purple flower. apparently that means i’ll be getting a boyfriend soon. superstitions! cool!

despite my love for weddings, there is always that one downfall…the slow dance.

so the band is playing “at last” and literally almost every person is on the dance floor with a significant other of some sort. except for me.

it’s just so awkward! it’s strange just sitting on the sidelines and watching. i think weddings would be more fun with a date if you asked me. oh well, better luck next time.

speaking of dancing, i taught the little bro some sweet moves for his homecoming dance in the fall. poor kid. Lord knows he needed someone to show him a thing or two. bless it.

all in all, the wedding was awesome! good food, good company, good times. i am SO incredibly happy and excited for meghan and tyler and i know God is going to bless their marriage and all that is encompassed with it. such a sweet couple — i look forward to finding a guy who makes me giddy all the time like tyler does to meg. it’s just so adorable.

today during the ceremony, bob wallace reminded me of something, and that’s that love is not a feeling. it’s so much bigger than that! if you asked me, love is a response.

and on that note, i think my undying love for my pillow and teddy bear  must be quenched.


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