my day off.

i didn’t have class. i didn’t have work. all i had was bliss.

today has been a really nice day of summer i should say. i slept in until 10:30, ran errands, watched an education, did some chores, and listened to john mayer. pretty productive day, and it’s not even 6pm yet!

have you ever just lied down on your bed and listened to music? i mean REALLY listened to music..just completely vulnerable and open. music blaring from speakers, consuming every ounce of empty air space in the room, washing over you, renewing you. gosh i just adore that. i need to find a man who enjoys doing that, too. just lying down and listening to music.

my songs of choice were all john mayer today, almost per usual. i actually hadn’t been listening to a lot of john like i usually do, so this was really nice getting back into him. i still need to buy my ticket for his show on the 16th of july. that will indeed be magical so long as i can find people to go with and am not going by myself.

last night i sang the national anthem at the intimidator’s baseball game and found out that my swag was definitely on for that event. how fortunate. they asked me back, which is exciting, so i guess i’ll be posting more on that at some point soon.

only one month left to the day until i fly out to honduras! so stoked, it’s gonna be such an amazing week. i’m getting together with the girls going on the trip on wednesday, so i’m really looking forward to that, too. i love bonding time!

i think i might go back to my state of euphoria listening to music.


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