daydreams and fairytales.

friends, i’m back. late night rants, get psyched!

i daydream a lot, especially when i’m listening to music. i just let it carry  me away to this completely foreign place that reality knows nothing of and it’s nothing short of fantastic. despite the euphoric happiness that i get from this choice activity, i think it can be dangerous.

the hazard of all this daydreaming is that it isn’t real, which is kind of counterintuitive since that’s basically the whole point of daydreaming; getting rid of reality.

i know i’ve touched on this in a past post about having Godly relationships and whatnot, but it’s just been a bit of a struggle for me lately. i think it’s all the free time i have since it’s summer and school isn’t taking over my life really. i just don’t want to get caught up in these daydreams, you know? i can’t be spending so much time just letting my thoughts run away from myself, right? maybe i’m being too practical. i think it’s great to daydream and have an imagination, but i don’t want it to get out of hand. that’s logical, right?

i guess i just don’t want to have to deal with my dreams not coming into frutition, but then again who ever really wants that? don’t get me wrong, i am a very content person — i am absolutely loving life and everything about it right now so i’m not thinking of really changing a thing. but, i have to admit, it would be so nice to have someone other than roy to cuddle with (no offense to my precious teddy bear of 20+ years).

sometimes i’ll be lying on my bed, listening to a song, and look over just wishing someone was lying next to me. those are the kinds of dreams i can’t have repeating throughout my head everyday. i just don’t need that. i guess i will just have to mobilize whilst listening to my tunes.

on repeat: i am happy. i do not need to spend ALL of my time daydreaming silly fairytales…but i have to also admit that that is just so much fun and it makes for great ideas for plays in my mind..(sigh)

it’s a dilemma, right?

music makes me so content, as does thinking really. at least they make a pretty cute couple.


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