david crowder on my porch at midnight.

it’s kind of like a midnight mind snack.

there are moments when i just cannot help but think how big God is. how unfathomable His love is. how vast His compassion is. how unfailing His grace is. it just blows my mind!

i really like the book of job. don’t get me wrong, i really like all the books of the bible, but job just really speaks to me. it’s incredible, but God really uses His people when they are at their weakest — it is in our suffering when our faith should be strongest.

so all this bad stuff has happened to job and it’s really sad and whatnot and so a few of his buddies come over to console him. after a period of silence, they’re each trying to give him advice or console him in some way. elihu, the youngest of them, speaks long after the others. he tells them all that it isn’t the years a man has, but the breath of the Almighty which gives him understanding. kind of makes me cross-reference to 1 timothy 4:12, which i like. cool stuff, right? it gets better.

elihu gives job the best advice i may think a friend could ever give me:

“stop and consider God’s wonders.”


just stop whatever you are doing and seriously consider all of the wonders of God. i tried it tonight. there are too many wondrous things He has done and is still doing! it is absolutely breathtaking.

i always get teary-eyed when i listen to “come awake” by david crowder*band. it makes me think of jason. i know where jas is and i’m able to smile about it now, which is nice, but it still is one of my many thinking points when i get into my state of pensivity. life. death. love. happiness. success. what defines all these terms — social norms? personal beliefs? a mixture of both?

i won’t get into details at this point in time for a few reasons, one of them being i have to go to my last day of biology class at uncc before my final on wednesday.

low visibility of the stars makes me bummed. i like the expansive complexity of it all, you know? that’s why i like the ocean. and the mountains. et al. so much beauty, so many wonders that God has done.

sparks fly and i find You there in the glow when it fades away.


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