by definition, independence means the freedom from control or influence from others. i’ve been practicing independence since i could walk.

as a child, i never needed my mom or dad for anything (hypothetically speaking, of course). i woke up by myself, i dressed myself, i got ready for school by myself, i was always prepared for my day without any assistance — i guess i have myself to blame for bad outfit combinations from my elementary school days. fortunately, i started watching what not to wear with stacy and clinton when i was a sophomore in high school and got the memo on fashion.

anyway, i digress.

i’ve always liked doing things for myself. i like being self-sufficient and in control of what i do. i like making decisions for myself.

this however sometimes contradicts what God’s will is for me, though. independence can certainly be a beautiful thing, but i must remember that “..the mind controlled by the Spirit is life and peace…” (romans 8:6). letting God control my mind, and ultimately my life, leads to life itself! i like that.

i watch the history channel a good bit, too. with today being the day of united states independence, they are running this mini-series called “america the story of us” (which is awesome if you haven’t heard of it — definitely look into it!) which documents how america came to be where it is today. very neat stuff.

it’s hard sometimes hearing about all of the awful things that happened in order to make this country great. to bring all of this full circle, sometimes bad things need to happen so the good will be better — kind of like when we get so caught up in our own independence and being away from God.

we have to fight battles with ourselves and others everyday though. good versus evil exists if you asked me.

overall, i’m thankful for all the servicemen and women fighting to this day, at this very minute, for the freedoms that i have in this country. i’m thankful for the founding fathers for writing a declaration of independence and a constitution for this country to guide itself by. i’m glad that americans fought off the british to gain our freedom — although i have to admit, it’d be kinda cool to have a british accent.


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