it’s almost that time again..

…to pack up and head back to chapel hill!

i’m excited about junior year, i think it will hold lots of wonderful things. i’ve got a job, i’m starting my observation in a school, i have only one class on wednesday-friday…see, sounds great already, right?

i made this big realization while in honduras (an update about that will be coming shortly, complete with photos) — i am at a really awesome place in my life right now. i guess i already knew that, considering my mom and aunt and grandma and everyone else tell me that i am currently “in the primetime of my life” at the moment, but it really hit me when i was out of the country. i got smoothies with kelle yesterday and we just talked about how much of an eye-opening experience the honduras trip was on so many levels — boys, God, college, life plans — so good.

i love that i can just go places, do things. it’s exhilarating! i won’t be able to do this forever! life is good.

bekah came over to hang out at the beginning of this week and it was AMAZING. i have missed her SO much. we had good catch up time a la starbucks and then we hit up target for some fun. she picked out a killer outfit — so proud.

i think that i have been fairly productive this week since i have gotten back into the country. finished tax paperwork for office assistant stuff, ordered my textbooks online, sent some emails, ordered a transcript..i enjoy the feeling of productivity, and the week still isn’t over yet!

(sigh of contentment)

there will be shows to perform, classes to ace, and games to attend. junior year, i am truly looking forward to meeting you soon.


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