please don’t worry now,

it will turn around. ’cause i need more time, just a few more months and we’ll be fine. so say what’s on your mind, ’cause i can’t figure out just what’s inside.

i love the song “more time” by needtobreathe. so good.

i’ve been back in chapel hill since this past monday and on the whole it’s been nice. it’s pretty quiet since hardly anyone has moved back yet, but it’s still nice nonetheless. working in the office isn’t too bad, either, which is pretty fortunate for me — i enjoy listening to pandora whilst accomplishing basic office tasks, and it’s fun getting to know the other connor staff. it’s going to be a really good year, i can feel it already.

speaking of the school year at hand, i’ve been doing a lot of thinking about how i want to be spending my time. there are a couple shows that i was considering auditioning for, but upon further review it seems as though i’m more conflicted about auditioning than i had originally thought. i guess i just really don’t want to spend a good portion of my time at rehearsals for a part that isn’t going to be worth it. i had that experience last semester and i would really like to not have to repeat weeks of wasted time like that. that being said, i just don’t know if i’ll have the time to commit to a show right now with my upped commitment with dance marathon, but i really miss being on stage and actually acting..not mooing. (sigh) decisions, decisions.

well i think i’m going to play some guitar and get ready for bed. it’s time to christen winston with my taylor swift covers.

i hope my RA likes taylor swift…


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