first day, third year.

best. first. day. ever.

really and truly, today was hands down my favorite first day of school ever in my life…and that’s saying a lot because the first day of school is usually one of my favorite days of my year every year.

classes today were fantastic. education 412 BLEW MY MIND. and i thought i was excited about teaching before i got into that class…wow. the things we’re going to be doing in that class are just outstanding! going to a school every week, choosing a specific child to pay special attention to, learning about that child’s development in and out of the classroom…PLUS we get to use flipcameras which are super cool! i’ll try to figure out how to post my video interview i made on here later.

intermediate poetry writing is going to be great, too. the professor is so interested in learning more about his students (all TEN of us) and just seems so enthusiastic about the class and our opinions.

i seriously love this connor community — the staff is great, my job is great, my room is great, the new roommate is great, and the people on my hall are great. not to mention they don’t care if i play guitar. heck everyone i’ve met in the community has been great. come to think of it, things have just been really great all around.

junior year is starting off ridiculously well…maybe even too well if that’s even possible. needless to say, i think it’s all just a foreshadowing of how the rest of my year is going to pan out, and i am TOTALLY okay with that.

i’m so excited to see what this year has in store for me. whatever it is, i think it’s going to be big.


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