the first day of the rest of my life.

today was essentially the first day of the rest of my life.

i went to morris grove elementary school this morning, met with the principal, and started my first day of student observations for my education classes. my placement is in third grade with ms. allison feix — AMAZING.

it’s so incredibly exciting actually starting to do what i want to do for the rest of my life. going into the classroom, meeting the kids, seeing how the classroom is run — it’s fantastic. just from being at the elementary school for one day i’m already getting ideas of things i want to do in my own classroom one day! i could definitely see myself teaching there after graduation, if that’s what God has in store for me.

i need to get my game up with my lesson plan journal. i have so many things to add that i haven’t added yet!

i wrote a little excerpt about my dedication to teaching for a scholarship application that, if granted, would give me $6000 for the school year. i really liked the way it turned out and so i thought i’d share:

Ever since I was a child, my commitment to education has held great priority. Whether I was teaching my own classroom of teddy bears and baby brothers or was learning how to work with mixed numbers and fractions, I have always loved being in school. I adored each of my teachers and wanted to emulate them in any possible way I could as a child. My passion for a classroom setting started at a young age and has done anything but dwindle since childhood.

During my sophomore year at UNC, I started keeping a Lesson Plan Journal – in this journal, I write down thoughts and ideas of things I want to do in a classroom one day and activities I think that would promote learning in fun, new ways. It is a dream of mine to see these ideas on paper become a reality. Throughout the one hundred diverse counties of North Carolina, the opportunities for me to thrive as a teacher are endless. As a long time resident of the state, I feel comfortable and at home in North Carolina. Teaching in a North Carolina public school would come very naturally for me considering I was a student in the Cabarrus County School System for ten years.

Ultimately as a teacher, I plan on instilling a love for learning in my students. I want to see my students get excited about using their imaginations in creative writing workshops and I want to see their eyes light up while watching a homemade volcano erupt. Learning is about experience, and I want to provide North Carolina public school students with as many memorable experiences within the four walls of a classroom as I possibly can.


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