you know you’re back into the swing of things at UNC when…

…you’re sitting in the library.

this is my first time i have been in the library here at school since classes started a few weeks ago. my junior year can now truly and officially begin starting with this very moment of library time.

davis library has always been my favorite, specifically the seventh floor. why the seventh floor? well you see, the seventh floor holds my favorite kinds of books (besides children’s books of course) — books about films, plays, playwrights, screenwriting, cinematography, theatre, and things of the like. i just feel so at home on this floor.

i also love sitting by the window when i’m here. i like to think of myself as a window seat taker since i so often enjoy staring off into the distant horizon to ponder life and its complexities, even if it is a distraction from “being productive” — but who’s to say that isn’t productive?

the sun is setting and it’s hitting the keys of my laptop beautifully — i couldn’t not write about it! naturally, i had to take a break from reading the poems from my intermediate poetry writing class (which i love) so that i could document this lovely moment in davis.

you know, i also think i love this library so much because the books are so old. i mean, they aren’t as old as the ones in wilson (which reminds me of the library in beauty and the beast) but they’re still old. i love the smell of books. i’ll blame my grandfather for that one since he used to always take me to the library when i was a kid.

folk music, davis library, poetry — how good is life in this very moment?!


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