miss stewart, miss stewart!

it has been three weeks since i’ve been going to morris grove elementary school regularly for my educ412 class here at unc. as stated in previous posts, i’m placed in a third grade classroom with mrs. allison feix and her teaching assistant mrs. becky baker. there are twenty-one students in the class with a third of them being english language learners.

normally i go into class every tuesday  morning from 7:30 until about 9:15, but this week i went in twice, today being my second time. i swear i just love being in that classroom with the kids and i love getting to interact with them and learn from them..once a week for a little under 2 hours doesn’t really cut it for me. i went in the afternoon and sat in on the library lesson and worked with one of the esl students, marco. we went through a dictionary worksheet together — it was amazing. after library, it was time for the kids to go home and so i took the opportunity to make my classroom video map. mrs. feix (i guess i can call her allison!) came back in from taking the kids to the buses and she and i had a long conversation about teaching and the students and she shared some of her experiences; she also helped me select a child for my education project (what a relief to finally know who i’ll be focusing on!).

today was so good. i mean it was REALLY good. the experience of working one on one with an esl student  known for behavior problems is such worthy experience to have. it’s absolutely incredible seeing breakthroughs being made while teaching — i sat with this boy and we did the WHOLE worksheet together, and he did most of it on his own, he just needed a little more coaching than the other kids. mrs. feix came by and saw how far marco had gotten and said, “great job, marco! looks like miss stewart is teaching you some good stuff, huh?” — marco’s response was an emphatic head nod.

these “teacher moments” as i like to call them seem to keep happening every week. i love them. i think it’s in these moments when i know truly that i am meant to be a teacher, that it is my job on this earth to help kids learn. it’s so awesome feeling that feeling, knowing that i’m doing what i’m supposed to be doing.

maybe i’ll see if i can come in every friday from now on…


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