explosions in the sky —

now that’s a good band right there. my explosions in the sky pandora station helps me get through homeworking.

so i apologize in advance for this post because it is again about education — i feel like all i write and talk about is education and my third graders and how great teaching is, so if you don’t like that i promise i’ll try to get away from it soon (if at all possible).

every week is my new favorite week in mrs. feix’s class. every. week. i just love interacting with the kids! that time is so priceless and i think it’s so awesome having real “teacher moments”. it’s when the student actually raises her hand and calls you over, “miss stewart, will you check my morning work?” or when the student goes over his narrative piece with you sentence by sentence to ensure that he wrote complete sentences (and you get to watch him find his mistakes and correct them on his own). after having so many of these moments i can’t help but think this is my true calling.

cindi rigsbee came into my educ412 class and talked yesterday. she. is. legit. three-time north carolina teacher of the year AND a nominee for NATIONAL teacher of the year — incredible. i admit to tearing up when she talked about her first grade teacher and how influential teachers are without knowing it. that got me thinking.

wow. one day i am going to be a teacher who is impacting the lives of children somewhere in the world. i don’t know what kind of impact i’ll have on my students, but regardless of that, an impact will be made. it’s so scary but so incredibly thrilling just thinking about it all.

i have a lot of goals for when i become a teacher. i have a lesson plan journal (that i need to be writing more in — i keep getting new ideas!) and want to do so many things in a classroom with my students. i want to become teacher of the year one day, too — what an honor. i want to be able to inspire students like mrs. rigsbee’s first grade teacher inspired her.

well, now that this little rant is out of my system, i suppose i should try to finish reading for my education class. YAY LITERACY!


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