teeter trip.

i made a grocery store run tonight after an incredibly busy day filled with wet denim, a field trip to kidzu, poetry, a flu shot, babysitting, mail delivering, and just general insanity.

i went with kristen to harris teeter because i’ve been needing milk and bread for almost a week and just (a) haven’t had the time to go and (b) haven’t wanted to go in fear of losing a decent parking spot in the parking lot.

whilst at the store, i got to thinking: WHYYY are food distributors not making college-sized packages of things? let’s be honest here, world, i cannot go through a full loaf of bread from the time i buy it until the time it expires. i really don’t like wasting money and i feel like that happens when i can’t finish food before it goes bad.

so, to all you food distributors out there reading this: take the idea, let it simmer, and trust me when i say you’ll make bank.


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