highs and lows.

my dance marathon committee chair last year would have us send him “bullet points” every week of our progress with getting donations for the marathon as well as high points and low points of our weeks. so, without further adieu, the highs and lows of my life as of late…ready, set, go!

lows: i’m busy beyond words. being busy leads to exhaustion. i miss my brother. i have split ends. i’m not motivated to do readings for early childhood development. my fall clothes aren’t with me at unc. long dance marathon meetings. getting up at 6am on tuesdays. tami never calling me back about working with mcdougle elementary. lots of stuff to do for next week’s classes.

highs (always save the best for last, right?): i was told i had perfect teeth yesterday (needless to say this made me smile perpetually, i swear i wasn’t trying to show off my teeth). great day at morris grove elementary per usual. the brownies katie made for our dm meeting last night. mom coming friday. volunteering at the pediatric playroom tomorrow night for dm. baking cookies tomorrow (i think). flirting with the cute new office assistant. john mayer. singing while delivering mail.

glad to get that off my chest! also world, i’ll have you know that i think i plan on sticking it out with spanish as my educational focus/minor. sorry social studies, as much as i love you, i think spanish is what i’m being called to do. granted, i still don’t plan on making any decisions until later this semester, but i do think spanish is where i’m supposed to be. thinking about studying abroad and looking at some of the programs, i just feel drawn to a spanish-speaking country. the summer in sevilla program unc does looks so awesome, i just might need to apply for it and see what happens.


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