it just so happened that during my fall break, jay m. robinson high school had their homecoming.

lovely, i know.

this was the first time i had been to a high school varsity football game since i graduated from high school three years ago. crazy! needless to say being at that football game reminded me that i don’t really want to come back to concord after graduation. granted, i am willing to go wherever God sends me, but i kind of have a feeling He won’t be sending me back to concord…but hey, who knows.

it always breaks my heart seeing the same people my age doing the same things with their lives every single time i’m in concord. by this i usually refer to the people who just can’t seem to get out of high school.

personally, i don’t know why someone wouldn’t want to get out of robinson..life after high school is so much better than life in high school! sure, i enjoyed my high school experience for what it was, but it pales in comparison to my time at unc thus far!

even with times at unc being so magical, i truly do have good times at home, too. i got to get together with my good friend tiffany and had THE best time with her. sadly, it wasn’t nearly enough time..but there will be other times we’ll be getting together in the future that will hopefully make up for our short coffee date! i’ve also gotten to spend a good amount of time with my family, which is always nice. my family is pretty hilarious, so it’s good being reminded of that every now and then.

anyway, digressing.

anyway, fall break has been pretty nice. i’ve enjoyed my time home, but it seems so short-lived. let’s be honest, i need more time to sit on the couch and not do work! (despite how great it feels to do that, i hate the feeling of unproductivity..ahh such a double-edged sword).

getting back to chapel hill will be good. i need to regain productivity and self-discipline of my schedule and maximize my time to leverage all that i have on my proverbial plate. this. can. be. done.

now off to fold laundry…how typical.


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