21 and the living is easy.

it was my birthday yesterday and i hit the big 2-1.

so, what happens when you turn 21? well, everyone knows: it’s legal drinking age.

now i wasn’t excited about my birthday because i would be able to drink — i was excited about my birthday because, well, it was my birthday. duh. i had one class, did well on my spanish test from last week, danced in the pit for dance marathon (we reached 1600 student dancers! what a great way to bring in my birthday, right?), ate lunch/opened presents with mom, got ice cream with bek and her sister rachel and will, grabbed some dinner at pepper’s pizza (which is, according to the usa today, the best pizza place IN NORTH CAROLINA), went and saw hitchcock’s psycho, and then hit the town! we went to top of the hill and the library and had such a great time. it was fun running into some of my other friends and dancing and laughing and just really enjoying life. it’s good to enjoy life, you know?

there’s definitely something to be said about keeping it classy for the 21st birthday; i like to think it sets a good precedent for the rest of your year.

i also think that this year of my life is going to be a really good year. 🙂


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