harry potter.

okay so i get that harry potter has been a big deal for many kids across the world, but defining a generation? really?

harry potter does not define my generation.

i have nothing against harry potter, but let me be honest: i never read the books. i never saw the movies. actually, i took my brother to see the sixth movie last summer, so i’ve seen one movie. but i never caught onto the harry potter fad when i was younger, so i never really thought about catching up after i was in elementary school.

now i will say that i plan on reading them by the time i start teaching since i know that so many kids choose to read harry potter, and i think that’s great. i have so much respect for jk rowling and her imagination and how wonderful the books (and movies) are and how her books actually have the power to get kids who usually don’t read reading, but defining a generation just seems a little much for me.


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