i am fully aware that this “thanksgiving post” is late — i mean, it IS december (speaking of which, HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?!) — but i kind of like to think that thanksgiving is something to celebrate all the time. why only be thankful in november when you can be thankful for things ALL year round?

there are so many things for me to be thankful for, and if i started a list it might end up turning into a book, so i’m just going to touch on a couple of specifics.

i’ve always been thankful for my family, but i feel like that thankfulness truly grows with each passing year. the older i get, the more i think i can appreciate the importance of family. we went to ohio for thanksgiving (a very fast thanksgiving at that!) and it was really nice getting to see aunts and uncles and cousins and grandparents all at once. that doesn’t happen very often, so it felt so great having everyone around. it amazes me how fast some of my little cousins grow, too — makes me feel older than i am! my parents are so great, too — i mean i honestly think they’re the best, even if i don’t show it enough. i could not have asked for better people to raise me and care for me throughout my childhood and they still love me today! not to play favorites, but i’m especially thankful for my brother — i really treasure him and it’s been insane watching him grow as a person and in Christ throughout this past year. HE IS THE COOLEST, END OF STORY. the relationship i have with my brother and my parents is so strong and i cherish that daily when i get to talk to them. not everyone has good relationships with their family members and that is something i need to never take for granted.

this past year has been so so so wonderful — God has really been doing amazing things in my life and i am just incredibly blessed. He’s put so many new friends in my path this year and i absolutely adore these people! between getting a fab roommate to getting closer with old friends to making new friends and starting bible studies, the people God is placing in my life this year at carolina are just the total cream of the crop.

i know this might be a somewhat preachy post, but i’ve been needing to write it for a while now.

all in all, God is wonderfully good, always has and always will be, and i’m on a mission to celebrate thanksgiving everyday this year — i’d love for you to join me!



note: 24 days until CHRISTMAS — aka my favorite holiday, aka the [celebrated] birthday of the Lord Jesus Christ! holla praise, friends!!!


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