this Christmastime.

as most of you already know, I love Christmas. there is just something about Christmas lights and trees and gift-giving and family and overall joy that makes my heart so happy and warm (…hot chocolate might help with that warmth).

so exams are over and final grades are in and the fifth semester of my time at Carolina has come to a close. hard to believe, isn’t it? I’ve been thinking about my annual dissertation that I’ll write in May and am getting really excited about what to put in it! this past semester was a really good one for me on a lot of different levels, so no complaints coming out of this post whatsoever — education classes were fantastic and I really feel like I learned a lot in my Spanish class (which was definitely refreshing). I met a lot of new people and got closer with a lot of not new people, played a lot of guitar (evidenced by, and got my work on in the community office. despite the fact that my semester was indeed a pleasant one, this Christmas break was much needed for sanity to remain in tact.

oh Christmas break, you have yet to ever fail me.

thus far on break, I have…eaten at Asian Cafe, grabbed coffee at Dilworth with a friend, watched my brother wrestle, saw the doctor (everything is a-okay!), gone on a hot date with a hot guy and had a smashing good time (keepin’ it classy, folks, per usual), bought all of my Christmas presents, found out I won’t be needed at Ann Taylor for break, played guitar, set up the Super Nintendo, visited the high school, caught up on DVR’d television shows, and slept.

definitely an awesome break so far, no way denying it. and to think: I’ve got until January 6th with this whole no school/work thing. 🙂


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