so i got this book for christmas: it’s called soulpancake by rainn wilson (aka dwight from the office if you aren’t familiar with the name) and other collaborators.

it. is. blowing. my. mind.

i love it when things get you thinking. you know, stuff that really gets your mind cranking out answers to world problems and asking existential questions about the meaning of life, things like that. needless to say, this book definitely does that…and then some. each chapter has questions to ponder that are truly worth pondering.

i’ll admit it, i think a lot..probably too much, so i dunno if this book is actually going to help me chillax a bit or if it’s going to keep my mind reeling. right now i’m definitely in the “mind reeling” category, which i’m more than okay with at this present time (the only way i could see this presenting a problem is when classes start back up…i’ll be lost in transcendental thought rather than learning how to teach kids).

there’s this one quote wilson uses in his introduction that i really love and just need to share:

God is literally love. God is also gravity. God is light and electricity. God is wind and the color green. God is chaos theory and music and that ineffable tiny sadness that we all hold in the hands of our hearts.

take that and let it simmer into something wonderful, my friends.


One thought on “soulpancake.

  1. Hey, Allison! What does “God is literally love” mean to you? I’ve heard and read that God is love (1 John 4:8). I’ve found a few perplexing things with this statement and would like for you to share what you think. I’m not here to start war. I’m just curious. Thanks!

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