sick day.

if there is one thing i hate, it’s being sick.

i never do well with being sick; i always want my mom and sometimes i cry if i feel really awful. this morning i didn’t really know how to handle my chills and aches, but i stuck it out through my morning shift in the office and then made a campus health appointment.

okay, about campus health. i’m pretty certain that it has a bad reputation, but i have yet to have a truly bad experience there. my doctor is great and i’m usually in and out of there within an hour.

anyway. i digress.

i didn’t go to classes today, took three naps, and went through a box of tissues. fortunately i have a stellar boyfriend who got me more tissues. he’s the sweetest. monique and grace also texted/tweeted me updates from class today, which i really enjoyed. i’m pretty sure i have the best people ever in my life. how lucky am i?!

lots of water, lots of juice, and tamiflu twice a day. that should make me all better, right? right. broadway melodies, i will not be kept from you.


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