this medication is slowly regaining order to my life. HOLLA PRAISES.

so if you read my post from yesterday, you know where i’m coming from. if not, here’s the re-cap:

i felt like death.

i think the combination of being on the tamiflu, plus consuming more vitamin C than what would be thought  humanly possible, and sleeping more than i think i have in weeks might be getting me better.

today i napped. yesterday i napped three times (champ status). tonight i will take my advil pm and sleep for many hours and it will be glorious! i’m getting so incredibly excited about the show, so i am desperately praying that i’m 100% (or something close to it to the point where i could get by and be awesome with some throat coat) for opening. the show is just so great, so if you’re at unc, please come see broadway melodies (shameless plug)!

lastly, big shout out to the people who have made my illness bearable: david, kari, monique, grace, dr. gaglione, and last but certainly never least, my mama. YOU ALL ARE THE BEST. can we say lifesavers!? yes. people like these are the ones you want in your life for good…real talk.


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