me plus you…

i’ma tell you one time!

okay, so i’m really not a justin bieber fan, but i am just so addicted to that song “one time” right now! ahhh! can’t…stop…playing it..!!! now you can get addicted, too:

anyway, the last two nights of broadway melodies have been SOLD OUT — how awesome is that?! it’s so exciting going out there for a sold out crowd. such a rush (i don’t care how clichéd that may sound). tonight, however, is not sold out since it’s superbowl sunday. hopefully we have more than my dad and ten other people there tonight…either way, i’m sure we’ll all have fun just like every other night. the cast is so incredibly great; everyone meshes so well both on and off stage, it’s mind blowing! i’m so blessed to be part of such a lovely group of people.

despite the fact that the shows have been going so well and i’ve been having such a good time doing them, my throat has been killing me. i can’t tell if it’s actual sickness or just the fact that i’m using it so much for the show. regardless, i’m doing everything i can to get it back to 100%, because let’s be honest, the fact that i can’t sing for recreation right now is driving me absolutely insane. INSANE. so, in order to get back in tip top shape, i do believe a little nap is in order! i leave you with this bit of wonderfulness and hilarity from

DAD: Mom taught me a new phrase!
ME: What?
DAD: She said I should ask you if you have “friends with benefits”?
ME: hahahahaha oh my god!!!
DAD: What? It’s kinda like dinner friends.
DAD: That’s cool.

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