third time’s the charm?

friends, this afternoon i successfully made my THIRD campus health appointment for tomorrow morning. this is my third trip since last week!

so don’t get me wrong, i love teaching and i know it’s my calling for the rest of my life, but maybe i should have been a doctor since i have known i’ve had a sinus infection for the last two days…proof:

i really shouldn’t be updating this right now considering i have a boat load of school work to do by friday (AND I STILL HAVE TO WRITE MY SPAIN ESSAY…that’s definitely being put on tomorrow’s list of things i have to do unless i want to spend this summer back in concord), but i just have to do something unrelated to schoolwork. i can’t focus enough to read in spanish and i’m too tired to try to edit any video of my interviews today.

speaking of interviews, that was definitely a high point in my day: interviewing two kindergarten students in my class about social studies. those interviews are just too cute and i can’t wait to post them on my teacher blog (only viewable for the 2012 cohort of the school of education, sorry world!) for my documentary. 🙂

okay, twenty minutes left to do work in the office before i’m swept off and away to the last showing of broadway melodies 2011. productivity, COME TO ME.


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