i need words,

as wide as sky, i need a language large as this longing inside, and i need a voice bigger than mine and i need a song to sing You that i’ve got to find. i need You to be here now, to hear me now. (david crowder*band)

sometimes i’m just kind of at a loss for words. normally i would feel as though that’s a bad thing, but it’s good to have moments for silence and thoughts. i like to think that music aids in contemplative states — here’s an abbreviated list of a few songs i’ve been listening to a good bit as of late:

  1. how great: david crowder*band
  2. enchanted: taylor swift
  3. the prayer: kid cudi
  4. stay with you: john legend
  5. skinny love: bon iver

give these a listen and see how they affect your thoughts. music is powerful like that, isn’t it?


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