another chapter.

my friend sonny always provides me with the greatest new music to listen to — i love it! i’ve been listening to “another chapter” by states, as well as a little bit of william fitzsimmons’s new album. i definitely encourage checking out all of the above!

so i noticed it’s been ten days since my last post, which seems like forever in blog world.

i taught my first lesson last tuesday and was terrified to be teaching IN SPANISH to a class of 24 darling kindergarteners, but it went well once i got into the swing of things. i’m looking to plan my next lesson with my cooperating teacher on thursday — woo! hopefully my spanish will be better and i’ll be more relaxed when i start my lesson. fingers crossed! i’m really loving the time i get to spend in my kindergarten class — the kids are precious and they are so incredibly smart and it’s such a joy spending time with them on a weekly basis. i’m definitely blessed.

speaking of blessings, God’s been doing great things lately (as He does per usual)! dad and the team got back from haiti safely and from what i hear so far, the trip was a powerful one. i’m hoping to go down there with dad one of these days, and i’m definitely planning on heading back to honduras next summer to chaperone the youth trip (dad is fairly confident that it’ll happen again). i’m feeling pulled to do worship ministry again and i think i’ll try to get some practice in over the summer at concord christian and then come back to chapel hill in the fall to audition for summit’s praise team (yeah, auditions..intense!). we’ll see how things pan out these next few months.

it feels good being back from break. the beach was nice and i had a great time, but i just love being here in chapel hill in my element. i made the very difficult decision to re-enter singlehood a week and a half ago and that was anything but easy (hence describing the decision as difficult) but i really feel as though God is calling me elsewhere in life that isn’t part of a romantic relationship right now. i’ve gotten to spend a lot more time in the Word lately and it’s been so fantastic — one of the passages that has been sticking out in my mind is romans 8:24-25.

for in this hope we were saved. but hope that is seen is no hope at all. who hopes for what he already has? but if we hope for that we do not yet have, we wait for it patiently.

“who hopes for what he already has?” — i love that question. i’ve been reflecting and praying on this passage a lot the last couple of days and i’m looking forward to God revealing something new to me.

it’s hard to believe, but i leave for spain in less than two months! i’ll definitely keeping up with this bad boy while i’m studying abroad, so get psyched for more information about sevilla to come!

it might be kind of strange to call this post “another chapter” since it kind of hints at a new chapter of life — i mean, who starts another chapter at the end of march in the middle of a semester? well, i guess i do. 🙂


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